Bonafide Maritime Traders is your one-stop resource for all of your stores and provisions. Everything from a specific brand of coffee to a vital ball bearing for the machine room. We serve vessels offshore and in port, whether it is at berth, anchorages or off-port limits.

We stock a wide range of specialist products to satisfy every crew. Of course we can also arrange to stock special items that are regularly needed on request.

Our global sourcing team makes sure that economies of scale are always exploited. Provisions and stores items are sourced locally in competitive areas.

All products can be accompanied by certifications as required.

  1. Provision

All fresh provisions are obtained just before the delivery is made to ensure the freshest produce possible. All frozen and dry provisions are available immediately from stock. We also carry a wide variety of speciality products from all over the World.


    2. Bonded Stores

We are a bonded warehouse that carries imported items. We also carry cigarettes, as well as international brands such as L&M, Marlboro Etc.


   3. Deck Stores

We carry Wires, Ropes, Pilot Ladder, Hawsers, Chains, Shackles, Hatch Cover Tape, Gloves, Rainwear, Canvas, Coveralls, Safety Shoes, and a large variety of Pneumatic Tools. We also stock stationery items and Nautical Instruments.


   4. Engine Stores

We have a very large inventory of Electrical Items, Pressure Gauges, Adhesives, Hand Tools, Abrasives, Valves, Flanges and Fittings, Just to name a few.


   5. Safety Stores

We supply Marine Distress Signals from Pains Wessex. We also stock Fireman’s Suits, Hydrostatic Releases, Safety Signals and Reflective Tape.


   6. Cabin Stores

We carry a large inventory of 110V And 220V appliances such as Washing Machines, Coffee Makers, Thermopots, Electric Kettles and Rice Cookers. we carry the latest and best brands of LCD multisystems. We also stock a large inventory of cookware, soaps and detergents.


   7. Charts & Publication

We Supply Charts, Publication Books & IMO / ITU /TSO, US coast guard, Witherbys / OCIMF /ICS, Nautical Institute, Shipping guides / Marisec, Brown sons & Ferguson  to Ships and Vessels .


   8. LSA & FFA

We supply  LIFE-SAVING APPLIANCES & fire fighting appliance.  Before the ship leaves port and at all times during the voyage, all life-saving appliances shall be in working order and ready for immediate use.